Recruiting Point is a professional search firm specializing in the identification, evaluation, and placement of information technology professionals.

Our search begins with You! Whether you are a client or a candidate our philosophy forms the basis for our commitment to you. We emphasize communication, trust, and integrity when performing all of our services. This is our commitment to you.

Recruiting Point provides our clients the intellectual capital required to gain and sustain a competitive advantage in any economic environment.


Companies have come to realize that intellectual capital is their number one weapon when it comes to competing and growing in this or any economy. From: Gartner Group "Intellectual Capital Management: A Sustainable Advantage" Editor quote, "-The creation, identification and application of intellectual capital represents the one truly sustainable source of competitive advantage."


Regardless of what type of business you compete in, the odds are almost two thirds of your revenue is invested in intellectual capital in the form of salaries and benefits. This investment in intellectual capital translates not only to a significant asset, but also encompass a large part of your balance sheet. Therefore finding and retaining the best intellectual capital is paramount for the future continued success of your company.

Recruiting point is here to help you do just that - find the best intellectual capital available.



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Look before you leap... MSNBC News:

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